Redlof Records, born from the vibrant streets of Tulum, is the heartbeat of Techno music. Conceived by the visionary Mosher, it brings together a community of passionate artists and music lovers, united by a common goal - to elevate the Techno scene. We celebrate the finest in sound, design and exposure, and strive to be the voice of each and every artist that calls Redlof Records home. Join us in our journey to bring Techno to new heights!


Please note the following guidelines for submitting demos to our record label:

1. We accept SoundCloud secret links only.
2. All tracks must be gathered into a single secret playlist.
3. Please limit your submission to your 10 best tracks.
4. We do not respond to emails that contain only a link and no text.
5. Please take the time to introduce yourself and your music in your email.