Embark on an exhilarating journey with Aviation Star, a vibrant and youthful Techno Label that took flight in 2022 under the visionary guidance of Darian Jaburg. Nestled in the heart of Nuremberg, Germany, this groundbreaking imprint defies convention and invites both emerging talents and established artists to showcase their unique musical styles, ranging from Peaktime Techno to RAW Techno.

At Aviation Star, diversity reigns supreme. The label refuses to be confined by the boundaries of a singular style, instead embracing a kaleidoscope of musical expressions. With an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, Aviation Star provides a platform where artists can freely explore their creativity and captivate audiences with their distinctive sonic journeys.

This dynamic label serves as a conduit for the evolution of Techno, inviting both new and seasoned artists to join their musical constellation. As the stars align, Aviation Star propels itself beyond the constraints of tradition, constantly pushing the boundaries to curate a compelling and diverse musical roster.

Expect the unexpected as Aviation Star embarks on a mission to captivate minds and move bodies. Whether you’re drawn to the euphoric energy of Peaktime Techno or crave the raw intensity of RAW Techno, this label has something to ignite your sonic senses. Experience the thrill of musical exploration as Aviation Star embraces limitless possibilities, inviting you to join their voyage into the uncharted depths of Techno. Prepare to soar to new heights and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Aviation Star.


Please take note of the following guidelines for submitting demos to our record label:

1. We only accept demo submissions in the form of SoundCloud secret links. Please ensure that your tracks are uploaded on SoundCloud as secret links before submitting.

2. It is required to gather all your tracks into a single secret playlist on SoundCloud.

3. We kindly request that you limit your submission to your 10 best tracks. This helps us focus on your strongest work and provides a comprehensive overview of your musical abilities.

4. In order to ensure a meaningful response, we kindly request that your email contains more than just a link. Please take the time to include some text introducing yourself and your music. This allows us to understand your artistic vision and evaluate your submission more effectively.

5. When introducing yourself and your music in your email, please provide relevant information about your background, influences, previous achievements, and any other details that may be helpful for us to understand your artistic journey.